My last post here was on 15 December 2013. Wow, that was a long time ago!

My life is pretty much the same since my last post, except for the fact that I got married last year.The main purpose of this tiny blog is to serve as an outlet to share recipes, outfits and some random snippets of my life. I have always maintained a love-hate relationship with all Social Media platforms. Although I am truly amazed at the power and influence of Social Media; a part of me feel that it so easy to fall into the trap of bragging/showing off on Social Media. I hope everyone, especially our younger generation understand that perfection on Social Media is just an illusion. Don’t believe me?  Watch this video by Social Media trainer, Kerry Rego Kudos where she explains this phenomenon or watch Buzzfeedviolet’s fun take on the topic.

Anyhow, I have decided to share (hopefully not overshare) my musings on this blog and Instagram.

Come along and join the fun!

Sharon Cherian

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